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We wouldn’t be alive without clothes

Let’s be honest, whether you’re into fashion or not - we all buy into it or we wouldn’t be alive; at least not if you’re living in London. Fashion comes in many forms to different people whether that means you love the high street and lust after Topshop, splurge on designer pieces or if you pick and choose from charity shops - at the end of the day it’s all fashion.

I can’t stand it when people say they don’t buy into fashion because even if it’s not clothes we all have something we’re into. Now to many that might be bikes, cooking equipment or books - it’s all fashion. This brings me to my second hate; when people roll their eyes, specifically at girls who buy endless clothes. Don’t get me wrong, there is a line when it becomes excessive but it varies hugely depending on that persons means and needs. If you’re on a lemonade budget, buying two pairs of black boots with different heel heights is probably excessive but to others is perfectly logical and acceptable.

The other thing to understand is this. If a girl buys 10 items from the high street for £30 each you might well say that she spends too much and she doesn’t need it but what if I buy 10 items from a charity shop for say a fiver each? Still the same amount - but significantly less money spent. Just think about it.

Lastly - next time you criticise someone for buying into fashion you might want to rethink buying that shiny book cover or slightly nicer cycling rucksack or that non stick spatula you’ve seen; and for that timeless, wonderful comment of - ‘but it’s functional!’ - yes, but so are clothes -  we wouldn’t be alive without them!

*Disclaimer - This is definitely a first world problem. Please read in a ‘light’ mood.

Top tracks of the week

Frida Sundemo - Indigo

A new artist to me, Frida Sundemo’s music echoes pretty much every other electro female artist out there but is still undeniably catchy.

MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)

Not that new a track anymore for me at least. I’ve heard the original bouncing around a few retail stores recently and I still prefer this remix.

Natalia Kills - Saturday Night

Natalia kills, previously known as Verbalicious, is slowly gaining a fairly solid fan base. I heard about her about 3 or 4 years ago now and have been following her music ever since with some mixed views on it. 

Kate Boy - The Way We Are

Kate Boy are one of my favourite bands out there at the moment. Their first song is still the best one in my opinion by far (Northern Lights) but this is still a great tune.

Other artists to watch:

MS MR, The Amplifetes, POLICIA, Imagine Dragons, Icona Pop

Socks that make sense


'Life is too short for matching socks' or at least that's what Socklady says. Why buy matching socks when you’ll probably lose one at some point anyway? So logically when you buy a pair of socks from Socklady they’ll give you a spare mismatched one to go with it. I love socks and I will definitely be on the hunt for a pair of these in time for A/W’13! 

Time Out takeover issue

Time Out magazine has put out its now annual call for writers, designers, photographers etc to play their part in creating an issue entirely made by the people of London.

The criteria states that you write a little about yourself (under 40 words) and a little about something you love about London (around 100 words). No great ask, but the prize is great! Here’s my contribution, fingers crossed:

A graphic design student with a passion for food (not just baked beans) and photography living in Wandsworth. I only learnt how to cycle in January but now I cycle absolutely everywhere in the city.

One of the best things about London, especially around where I work in Knightsbridge, is the tourists. Now, this is also often one of the worst things too due to the ridiculous queue that accumulates outside Starbucks every lunchtime and their habit of stopping right in front of you wielding a camera just millimetres from the end of your nose. So what is the best thing about this you might ask? For me, it’s interrupting their bickering about which direction their next destination is or how they’re sure oyster cards do not work on buses. Giving them that ever helpful bit of information & starting a conversation. I’ve often found myself becoming their personal tour guide, alas, only for 5 minutes. 

Join in

Light, Space and Body

My proposal for my dissertation can be read here

Using Foursquare’s Database

Our app needs a database that already exists to kickstart its life without being heavily relient on people using it, to begin with anyway. We decided to use Foursquare as the basis for this.

As you can see from the map above London uses Foursquare quite heavily and is therefore a very suitable basis for our own app as ours will be based in London. This infographic above also reminds me a little of my co-collaborator’s work for his last project - The World’s Happiness.

imageThis map shows how Foursquare has grown since its conception, in the top left corner you can see the month and year. 

You can see the full article this is taken from here.